Equine Consulting

Whatever your needs in the Equine Market, Polly has the experience to give you the help and guidance to be successful. Her years of experience has given her the eye to evaluate the conformation of horses and the gift to match the rider with a horse/pony for a good working relationship or partnership. If you need assistance in purchasing a horse/pony or have one to sell we are just a phone call away.

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  • Horse Appraisals
  • Equine Facility Building and Construction
  • Sales and Marketing of Horses and Horse Products

About Polly

tn_pollyPolly Grammer is an excellent horsewoman with more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Growing up on a Thoroughbred farm and being surrounded by experts in the field guided her career from an early age. Polly was a charter member of the Pony Club and competed on the first national team. She is still one of Pony Club’s biggest promoters. She is a coordinator for one of the Pony Club Riding Centers. Polly also serves on the national Pony Club board.

Over the years Polly has been involved with various breeds of horse and breeder groups. She was instrumental in organizing the Tennessee Horse Council, working closely with the national horse council and youth horse council. Her involvment in coaching many students on horse judging team to national championships have give her the experience of all breeds of horses. The expertise of such various experience with so many disciplines is rare in the horse industry. As a national sale manager she has helped may people beginning and marketing various horse products.

She is a gifted teacher with an enthusiasm for life and compassion for those around her. Her teaching style is demanding, while being very supportive and enthusiastic with her students. Education is important to Polly, whether she is trying to help someone or just to extend her own knowledge. She holds degrees in education and psychology from Peabody/Vanderbilt and continues to attend clinics and seminars. She has riding certifications from DGWS, HSA, and CHA. She was very instrumental and some of the 4-H programs and was awarded the Tennessee 4-H Leadership Award. As one of the founders of the Tennessee Horse Council her knowledge of the industry reaches people across the United States in every breed. In addition to her extensive equestrian background Polly has many years of teaching experience from 4th grade to college and several years of experience as a national sales manager.